“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”

- Oscar Wilde

Join the team!

One of the main goals of SHARO.BG is to build a society united by a common cause. We have provided a form for volunteers through which we could find more easily the right people who would assist us with different activities, such as transporting а dog or food, taking part in renovation works for the shelter, providing specialized vet care, online help with promotion of campaigns, etc.

By joining us, you undertake no obligation 🙂 It is all on VOLUNTEER basis. The purpose is to facilitate the process of finding and connecting with people who are willing to help us.
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Абонирай се за нашия бюлетин и ще получаваш редовно нашите мейли с полезна информация и PROMO кодове!


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